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Hello world! Welcome to my Final Year

October 12, 2012

Hi, My name is Andrew Belson. Currently I am studying BSc Software Development at Teesside University. I have created this blog as a way of documenting my progress during the final year, and sharing anything interesting, useful, emerging and just mental that I come across. So let me start with explaining the modules I will be studying this year.


Alternative Programming Approaches: This module will demonstrate that there are alternative ways to approach a problem than just using the same language all the time. Starting off with looking at the benefits of Erlang and what problems Erlang is best applied to, the module will then move on to look at Neural Networks, an Artificial Intelligence approach to problem solving using programming.

Software Architecture: This module will look at different ways of constructing software to get the most robust outcome with underlying theory of how software is layered and linked. What the IDE also automatically does and the implications of this are also covered.

Final Year Project: For this I will have to think of a project to undertake for 20 weeks, either a form of research report or a application which is called the ‘product’. Alongside this I have to create a report which supports my decisions and discusses why I have made the decisions I have, while also documenting my plan, progress and evaluation.


Rich Internet Applications: This module will start of with looking at the new emerging HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This module will then cover how to make a SPA (Single Page Application) and using AJAX within our web applications. I have chose this module as the software world is changing and web applications are becoming so sophisticated. Many desktop applications can now work perfectly fine as a web application and this brings the added bonus of cross operating system compatibility and no lengthy install procedures using up space on a hard drive.

Advanced Database Systems:  This module will cover Entity Relationship Modelling, Relational Algebra and OLAP(Online analytical processing). I chose this module because following from my very high score of 100% in the second year module Database Systems. Joined with the realization that there in no escaping from databases of varying formats, sizes and complexity; Which I gained from my year in industry programming for DuPont Teijin Films in Dumfries.

At the end of the first week it is great to be back at University, having been used to working 8 till 4 when last year when I was in industry I am finding it is easier to use the best of my time. At the moment I am just doing background reading to topics we are currently covering or will be covering in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to being assigned and meeting my final year project supervisor as I currently have a few project ideas I would like to discuss and have guidance. Then I can write my specification and make a start on the project.

Look out for a separate Blog which will act as my Final Year Project Diary. I will post a link  on here when I have created and using the blog. My next post to this blog will be an interesting article on implementing communication pipes in C# to communicate between processes.



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